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Las Vegas Homes with Strip View

Human beings are inherently visual creatures. The images that we see on a daily basis can have a profound effect on how we feel and experience the world. Seeing a beautiful place or a stunning piece of artwork can incite a number of positive emotions, from joy to peace to creative inspiration.

Studies have demonstrated that humans have an innate fondness of viewing wide open spaces and landscapes, and that these scenes engender a sense of contentment and wellbeing. Many psychologists attribute this to our history as a species. Our ancestors spent just about all of their time outdoors, on the savannas in Africa and under wide open blue skies. We are genetically wired to be drawn to open vistas and awe-inspiring views.

This intrinsic fact is also quite apparent in the world of real estate. Las Vegas homes with strip view alongside Las Vegas homes with mountain view are two highly searched terms among potential home buyers. The Las Vegas strip is indisputably one of the most visually astonishing urban views in the world. A sea of glittering lights, stunning visual effects, a spectacle of water shows and more make finding a Las Vegas home with strip views a top priority for many luxury home buyers.

Las Vegas Homes for Sale – Strip View

When it comes to the luxury real estate market in Vegas, there are number of high-end properties to choose from that showcase dramatic panoramas of the dazzling Las Vegas strip. Many of these homes take full advantage of these views, installing floor-to-ceiling, wraparound windows that integrate the outdoors scenery directly into their interior design.

Other Las Vegas homes with strip views feature extravagant rooftop decks, terraces, patios, balconies and other outdoor living spaces designed to maximize and enhance the outdoor viewing experience. Imagine coming home after a long day of work and relaxing with a glass of champagne, toasting your companion and soaking in endless views of the Strip’s neon skyline.

For some home buyers, the scenic allure lies in savoring spectacular sunrises over picturesque mountains and rolling desert landscapes. There is no shortage of Vegas luxury homes that take advantage of the natural beauty that Las Vegas has to offer outside the city. Las Vegas homes with mountain views abound in communities like MacDonald Highlands, nestled high in the mountains of The Las Vegas Valley. These magnificent homes offer residents breathtaking panoramic views of both the rolling mountains and glistening lights of downtown Las Vegas .

Find Las Vegas Homes for Sale with Spectacular Views

Do you dream of drinking your morning cup of coffee while gazing out over nature’s astonishing beauty? Or perhaps entertaining guests and enjoying a glass of wine with The City of Lights ablaze around you. The Dream Homes Specialist, Gavin Ernstone, can help match you to a home that meets all of your unique lifestyle needs. Simply call 702.523.3677 today to get started, or head over to our available properties page to browse luxury homes for sale in Las Vegas.

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