Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Marketing Trends

Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Marketing Trends

When it comes to selling luxury real estate – whether in Las Vegas or anywhere in the country – getting your home in front of the widest pool of qualified potential buyers is paramount. Suffice it to say that marketing luxury real estate is not quite the same as marketing the average home. These exclusive properties demand a level of marketing expertise that only a seasoned agent can provide.
With that said, there are Las Vegas luxury real estate marketing trends that are emerging and, because we often showcase luxury properties in our portfolio of listings, we’d like to share with you some of the trends we’re seeing. While this is not an all-inclusive list, it certainly will give you a great idea of what is current in the market – and what you should expect from a seasoned agent when marketing and selling your luxury home here in Las Vegas.

Real Estate Marketing Trends in the Luxury Market

1. High-Quality Photographs

While this may not seem like an emerging trend in the realm of luxury real estate marketing, it is certainly a “must-add” tactic to any real estate professional’s marketing arsenal. In fact, luxury real estate should always be represented with high quality, professional photographs that show the true beauty and grandeur of the home. This is certainly one of the Las Vegas real estate marketing trends that all homeowners should request when selling their home.

2. Home Tours in 3D

Another trend that is popping up as new technologies are becoming available is 3D home tours. There are numerous companies that offer this service to real estate agents, and the tours give potential buyers great insight into what the home looks like in person. This is especially useful when marketing a luxury property to an international buyer, as it gives them a front-row seat to the home tour without ever leaving the comfort of their living room. Companies like Matterport are leading the way in 3D home tour technology.

3. Video

Video has also been around for a while, but it is becoming more and more commonplace in luxury real estate marketing. Video can capture the essence of the home and can provide an exceptional tour for buyers who may or may not be able to come to the property in person. Like 3D home tours, video is a great way for international or out-of-state buyers to view the property.

4. Single Property Landing Pages

In the world of online marketing, we’re seeing a lot of luxury agents choose to market properties via single property landing pages. In theory, this means that your home would be the sole focus of the website, which is often created exclusively to market your home. With a domain name like “123 Main Street,” buyers can tour the website to learn more about your home, and to view the photos, 3D tours and video that we’ve mentioned above.

5. Lavish Open House Parties

You heard us right. Lavish open house parties. Long gone are the days of the Sunday open house with cookies and flyers. Today’s luxury real estate open house events are often over-the-top, rather opulent extravaganzas designed to appeal to the affluent clientele that can afford the property. Think “Million Dollar Listing”  but Vegas style.

6. Participating in Airbnb

Another interesting marketing trend is for homeowners to participate in Airbnb in order to provide potential homebuyers with the opportunity to “live like a local” prior to purchasing the home. In fact, just partnered with the company to show available Airbnb properties within the local area. This trend is still new, so we’ll be watching to see if it actually catches on.
Of course, these are just a few of the many Las Vegas real estate marketing trends we’re seeing in our market. What are you seeing in yours? We’d love to hear from you!

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