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Julie stands as your devoted concierge to the realm of luxury real estate, firmly rooted in the heart of our cherished hometown, Las Vegas. As a second-generation real estate professional, Julie carries the torch of tradition with honor, seamlessly blending age-old values with contemporary innovation to deliver an unparalleled service experience for her clientele.
Having been a witness to the unfolding narrative of our community's evolution, Julie offers clients a distinctive perspective, unveiling the hidden gems and exclusive opportunities that our hometown holds. Whether your quest is for an elegant residence, a tranquil golf course retreat, or an opulent penthouse, Julie possesses the seasoned expertise to navigate the nuances of the luxury market.
With an eye on perpetuity, Julie has meticulously refined her skills to meet the diverse needs of clients spanning generations. From guiding millennials stepping into the market to assisting retirees in finding the ideal sanctuary for their next chapter, Julie's mission is to provide a personalized service that transcends the sands of time.
Over the past half-decade, Julie has proudly earned distinction as a Top 100 Agent with Simply Vegas, securing her position within an exclusive echelon. This accomplishment not only attests to her unyielding commitment to excellence but also underscores her unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards as a distinguished real estate professional.


Gavin has been selling dream homes in the Las Vegas Valley for over 25 years and is widely respected as one of the top Las Vegas luxury real estate agents.