5 Ways to Live the Good Life at 1569 Foothills Village Drive

5 Ways to Live the Good Life at 1569 Foothills Village Drive

If you’re looking to live a life of luxury in the greater Las Vegas area, you’ll love 1569 Foothills Village Drive in Henderson, Nevada. This contemporary home was built in 2005, so it’s been a cornerstone of the MacDonald Highlands master-planned community for over a decade. Because this single-family residence is one of the finest estates in Clark County, you’ll get to know the luxury real estate scene in southern Nevada through this listing.

These 5 ways to live the good life at 1569 Foothills Village Drive will also help you imagine life with your family in this elite residential neighborhood, so take the next steps toward living it up in Las Vegas today.

1. Enjoy the Gorgeous City

If you’re hoping to make the most of life in the southeastern end of Las Vegas, begin enjoying this gorgeous city by exploring 1569 Foothills Village Drive. Henderson is only 16 miles from the Las Vegas city limits, so you’ll have the biggest city in Nevada at your disposal. Once you expand your search beyond the City of Las Vegas, you’ll also discover everything the second-largest city in the state has to offer its residents. This estate’s neighborhood is carved into the mountainside, so, when you set your sights on living in Henderson, you’ll have the breathtaking southern Nevada terrain next door too.

2. Utilize the Exclusive Neighborhood

1569 Foothills Village Drive is nestled in one of the 5 luxury residential communities in Henderson, so you can utilize the exclusive neighborhood when leading a luxurious life. Because MacDonald Highlands spans nearly 1,200 acres of desert landscape, take advantage of everything this prestigious location has to offer its elite residents. The combination of an exceptional home and a sprawling lot ensures you’ll have more than enough space to raise a family in this gated neighborhood. With the sense of security and privacy that comes with life at the top, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a kid friendly home while also taking advantage of nearby perks like child care services and more.

3. Embrace the Fabulous Living Space

Because embracing the fabulous living space is one of the 5 ways to live the good life at 1569 Foothills Village Drive, you can start getting to know this state-of-the-art home. The estate’s 5,277 square feet include five bedrooms and six bathrooms that stretch across its open floor plan. With two stories of high-end living areas to share with your family, you’ll be able to use the spectacular floating staircase to go from the downstairs to the upstairs. You’ll also love the amazing master suite whose enormous closet and stunning city views will help you live life to the fullest with your spouse right by your side.

4. Bask in the Resort-Style Amenities

1569 Foothills Village Drive makes getting some rest and recuperation easy, so you can bask in the resort-style amenities in and around this luxury home all year. If you’re looking to spend quality time with your family outside, you’ll love amenities like the infinity edge pool and spa. The foothills of the McCullough Mountains is the perfect place for a private enclave, where you’ll enjoy family activities in the comfort of your fenced in backyard. Because you’ll also have access to the Dragonridge Country Club, you and your loved ones will reap the rewards of living in a secluded golf course neighborhood.

5. Appreciate the Amazing Views

While you’re taking advantage of amenities like your heated pool, you can also appreciate the amazing views at 1569 Foothills Village Drive. This neighborhood rests about 3,000 feet above the Las Vegas Valley, so you’ll be surrounded by the stunning mountain range and more in MacDonald Highlands. Given that this high-end property includes outstanding views of the golf course, lake and Las Vegas Strip, you’ll have the entire city at your feet. You’ll get plenty of exposure to the southern Nevada landscape from both inside and outside this home to realize your dream life in Las Vegas fully.

Once you’ve mastered the 5 ways to live the good life at 1569 Foothills Village Drive, take some time to learn more about this premier Henderson residential community. You’ll be the owner of a modern home in the Las Vegas Valley, and you’ll also have access to every perk that comes with being one of the area’s most wealthy residents. While you’re living high above Las Vegas and Henderson, you’ll realize there’s no better place to be than the southeastern part of the valley. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about luxury real estate in Las Vegas and Henderson, so please don’t hesitate to contact me



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