8 Trends in Luxury Home Technology

8 Trends in Luxury Home Technology

Are you looking for a place in Las Vegas with the latest smart home technology? Because many innovative household gadgets are made with luxury homes in mind, many premier properties for sale in and around the city feature the latest technologies. The newest domestic devices and services will be released throughout 2017, so start thinking of ways you can integrate these opulent amenities into your new southern Nevada place.

Here are 8 trends in luxury home technology to help you make the most out of your Las Vegas dream home:

1. Voice-Activated Devices – Voice-activated devices are one of the growing trends throughout Las Vegas luxury homes because they allow you to use tools like Amazon’s Alexa to link your technologies and perform tasks quickly. This groundbreaking way to utilize everyday devices makes sure you have the option to ask for help when you need it. Therefore you can control things like your hoem appliances through verbal commands without having to press a button.
2. Immaculate 4K and HDR Televisions – Immaculate 4K and HDR televisions are the second trends making their ways into recreation areas in all Sin City mansions because they come with vibrant, detailed picture qualities and impeccable audio for revolutionary viewing experiences. These awe-inspiring devices help you add a touch of magic to your game rooms, family rooms, movie theaters and more. With them, you can impress your friends and family while enjoying high quality entertainment in your downtime.
3. Tough Wireless Network Security – Tough wireless network security is a third trend making waves among the area’s opulent homeowners with interconnected devices because it protects against hackers and other forms of theft. This easy-to-use safety measure gives you a way to implement commercial-level system protection for your internet. With wireless network security you can keep your personal information safe, no matter who comes to your home.
4. Household-Wide Automation Systems – Household-wide automation systems are the fourth trends to pay attention to in Las Vegas featured real estate because they allow you to adjust everything from the household temperature to your music. This simple type of application also makes it possible to connect your security, entertainment, lighting systems and more, so you can adjust all features at any time to live the Las Vegas luxury life.
5. All-Inclusive Control4 Lighting Systems – All-inclusive Control4 lighting systems are number five out of the 8 trends in luxury home technology taking over the luxury real estate scene in Las Vegas. They are popular ways to enhance your home’s lighting design while monitoring energy usage through up-to-date technology. This state-of-the-art range of home automation systems lets you manage your home’s lighting at the touch of a button, so you can control almost every source of light with ease.
6. Convenient Outdoor Connectivity Applications – Convenient outdoor connectivity applications are another trend becoming staples in the most expensive homes in southern Nevada. They bring the convenience of technology to resort-style front and back yards. These up-and-coming tools help you connect to your internet, audio systems, televisions and more while outside, so you can enjoy quality time with family and friends all year long.
7. Connected Thermostats – Connected thermostats are the seventh trend infiltrating picture-perfect mansions in Las Vegas. They help you control your home’s air temperature while ensuring savings on heating and cooling costs. These handy dials make sure your home’s temperature always adjusts to Nevada’s extreme weather. With one, you can live comfortably in the valley simply by keeping your devices connected.
8. Smart Home Security Systems – Smart home security systems are the eighth and final trend becoming more common in homes belonging to Sin City’s elite. They offer tools like doorbell cameras and detectors to monitor your entryways and keep your doors locked. This effective approach helps you properly surveil your residence and ward off intruders.
These 8 trends in luxury home technology are becoming more in demand by the day. Search for a smart home that utilizes the newest gadgets to start living the good life in Las Vegas. Whether you’re an up-to-date smart home technology user or you’re still adjusting to the digital age, luxury homes in Las Vegas offer a range of amenities that will make your life easier.
This first-rate technology a staple in the area’s most expensive homes, so, if you’re looking to embrace these technological innovations by investing in your Las Vegas dream home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today.


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