Home Security for Luxury Las Vegas Real Estate

Home Security for Luxury Las Vegas Real Estate

7 Smart Home Security Trends for Luxury Las Vegas Real Estate

Smart home security is an ever-increasing category at the Consumer Electronic Show, held this year right here in Las Vegas. While automation is always a frontier that helps us make the most of our time with gadgets like laundry folding robots and climate control, security is still at the forefront of technological advancement.
Here are a few smart home security trends that we’re seeing in our market:

Lock It Up

Bluetooth-powered locks that will function even in the event of a power outage or Internet malfunction. A product called Bridge by Lockitron that will allow you to lock or unlock your door from anywhere. You can even share your information with friends and family so they can gain access when you’re not home. The lock itself even comes in different finishes so it will match your other hardware throughout your Las Vegas home.

Cameras Inside and Out

Netatmo recently unveiled Presence, an outdoor security camera that senses people, cars in the driveway, or critters in your yard. You can watch live-streaming video from your smartphone or tablet. The device will record events and provide you with a list of all the activity it detects. During the day, it’s a camera, but at night, it’s an infrared camera, a floodlight, and motion detector. You choose how the camera reacts to stimuli via the settings function. Notifications are customizable as well.
Netatmo has an indoor version of Presence, called Welcome. This security camera comes with face recognition software and will alert you when your children or other family members are home. You will also receive a notification to unrecognized visitors that might be within camera shot.

Automatic Lighting Advancements

Do you remember those commercials for a product called “The Clapper?” They were terrible but amusing. The thought behind the product, though, addressed a need for lights that would turn off and on without touching the switch. Today you can use lighting as a means to securing your property. Outside lighting will illuminate via motion detectors or a smartphone app, to keep the exterior protected. Inside your home the same is possible. Thanks to integrated communication, you can turn on lights before you get home or at certain times to give the illusion that someone is inside.

Professional Monitoring Subscriptions

Companies like ADT offer the integration of video monitoring with alarm systems and alerts for smoke or heat detection. ADT will record video, send text messages or emails, or even call the fire department for you as part of their monitoring service. Other options for home monitoring can include a subscription service offered through partnerships between equipment and surveillance companies.

Simple User Experience

There is no point in adopting a new technology if it’s challenging to use. Smart security is becoming increasingly easy to access via phone and tablet apps, with self-monitoring at the touch of a screen button. Equipment and control companies keep their customers in mind when designing interface applications, creating a better experience for the end user.

Video Analysis

With the ability to live stream video content, the option to analyze potentially weak spots in coverage areas also arises. You or your lookouts can watch for activity that might lead to a crime if otherwise undetected. Prevention is the best cure when it comes to home security.

Biometric Security Systems

This evolution rivals the best James Bond movie as far as security goes. Locks, for example, can be activated by fingerprint or facial recognition. Open and close your safety gate with your thumbprint or retina scan. In addition to adding a layer of safekeeping to your property, these products also make losing your keys a thing of the past. No more going on vacation only to discover that your keys were left in the hotel room.

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Completely unrelated to security, but outstandingly cool is the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. This product will revolutionize your family’s kitchen experience. The cooler has a built-in camera that takes pictures of consumable items on the shelves. Can’t remember if you picked up cream cheese on the latest grocery store run? Access the refrigerator’s photos via your smartphone app to search for your desired product. It even has an integrated calendar function for events, a notepad, and a screen to display artwork.
Another innovation is the transparent television. When it’s on you can access programs and your favorite apps. When the device is off, all you see is the wall behind it. Amazing.
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