LA Dreams Magazine Profile: 99 Hawk Ridge Drive

LA Dreams Magazine Profile: 99 Hawk Ridge Drive

The Ridges in Summerlin is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods Las Vegas has to offer its elite. With impressive luxury homes resting on expansive multi-acre lots, the city’s most affluent residents can enjoy both convenience and privacy in the comfort of their own homes. 99 Hawk Ridge Drive, the ultimate Las Vegas Estate, is no exception to this rule, as this multi-million dollar estate lets you live the good life while staying out of the public eye.
Because the LA Dreams Magazine profile has everything you need to know about this one-of-kind property, here are nine reasons to love this exceptional neighborhood based on this exciting online feature.

The Ridges in Summerlin

With its high-end amenities and signature lifestyle, The Ridges is one of the best luxury home communities in Las Vegas. This Summerlin retreat combines custom lots with gorgeous views to create a dream-like place only a select few can call home in Southern Nevada. Because the residences built around the Bear’s Best Golf Course are home to members of Club Ridges, residents can take advantage of this world-class attraction and its privileges.
The close proximity to the golf course and club, therefore, lets you mingle with the city’s most accomplished individuals while making the most Las Vegas luxury.

99 Hawk Ridge Drive in Las Vegas, Nevada

Because this premium estate rests on two lots in The Ridges, it’s a rare find in this neighborhood and Las Vegas as a whole. The secluded plot of land offers more than enough space for you and your family while guaranteeing your comfort and security every day.
Given that The Ridges is designed as a gate-guarded enclave for Sin City’s elite, your loved ones will be safe and sound in and around your new home and neighborhood. 99 Hawk Ridge Drive is a leader in everything from impressive living spaces to top-notch surveillance, so start finding out more about this estate before it’s too late.

Reasons to Love 99 Hawk Ridge Drive

• The Exclusivity – Because The Ridges is considered one of the city’s premier communities, you’ll never miss out on a business opportunity if you call this ultimate Las Vegas Estate home.
• The Lot Sizes – Given that this sprawling mansion is set on two lots packaged together as one, you’ll own an impressive 1.75 acres of sought after land in the heart of Summerlin.
• The Building Materials – Although every home in the area features high-quality materials, 99 Hawk Ridge Drive takes the cake with its African Afrormosia ceilings and Indonesian Sandstone walls.
• The Home Interiors – Due to the community’s affinity for extravagance, the home’s spacious bedrooms suites, living rooms and bathrooms exude opulence around every turn.
• The On-Site Facilities – In addition to the luxurious amenities you’ll enjoy as a resident of The Ridges, you’ll also be able to keep fit and relax in the comfort of your own home with tools like the gym and hot tubs, which you can read about in The Ridges in Summerlin: LA Dreams Magazine profile for more details.
• The WorkSpaces – Because homes in this part of Summerlin keep busy businessmen in mind, you’ll enjoy perks like the estate’s impressive two-story office with custom cabinetry.
• The Technology Upgrades – As a part of the neighborhood’s push toward high-tech homes and modern living, this home is features over a million dollars worth of state-of-the-art gadgets.
• The Outside Areas – Given that health and wellness are priorities for all Summerlin residents, this house has a pool, fire pits, barbeques, and more for fun family time outdoors.
• The Entertainment Rooms – When homeowners aren’t out enjoying local dining and shopping attractions, they can kick back and relax in the movie theater, game room and man cave.

Finding Your Dream Home

The LA Dreams Magazine profile on 99 Hawk Ridge Drive illustrates the many reasons to admire this luxury home and love this exclusive Las Vegas community. Whether you’re smitten by this exact estate, or you’re in the market for a more modest place in The Ridges, this neighborhood is the place to be in Sin City. The feature on 99 Hawk Ridge Drive in the latest issue of LA Dream Magazine further sheds light on how homes in The Ridges help you live the good life right here in Las Vegas.
If you have any questions about this dream home in particular or another local listing, I encourage you to browse my website and contact me with any questions you may have about luxury real estate in Las Vegas.


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