Luxury Landscaping Ideas & Trends for Las Vegas Real Estate

Luxury Landscaping Ideas & Trends for Las Vegas Real Estate

In the arid desert, coming up with ways to make your landscaping standout can be difficult. Grass doesn’t grow here without a lot of hard work, dedication and precious waters supply. Plus, luxury Las Vegas real estate is often so expansive that keeping a natural grass lawn can seem next to impossible.

So what is a homeowner to do? Well, there are many ways that you can make your landscaping the talk of the town for its extraordinary beauty if you take some of these helpful luxury landscaping ideas and trends and run with them. You can thank us later!

Top Luxury Landscaping Ideas & Trends for Las Vegas Real Estate

1. Replacing Natural Grass

Who says you can’t have a great lawn in Las Vegas? It may not be natural grass, but there is no limit to your choices for replacing natural grass. Just look around at the amazing colors of the natural rock in and around Las Vegas. Why not use it to decorate your outdoor spaces?

That is just what you can do by using more eco-friendly options for your lawn like decomposed gravel instead of grass. Decomposed granite is basically refined gravel that has been weathered down to about 3/8 of an inch.

Even though it is rock, it is so finely ground that it actually feels soft underfoot. If you use these natural rocks to replace your lawn spaces and then accent it with natural desert plants, it can create a stunning look for your Las Vegas property.

Alternatively, there is nothing wrong with using natural looking artificial turf if you really want that lush green look for your landscaping. Artificial turf is practically maintenance free and is an eco-friendly way to enhance your landscaping too.

2. Accenting Outdoor Features with Native Plants

Once you have decided on your turf alternative, it is time to accent those areas. Using native plants to create a drought resistant garden is a wonderful way to add beauty and life to your Las Vegas real estate.
Using brick or stone planters to hold your desert flowers looks great against your artificial turf or decomposed granite. Remember that decomposed granite is made from local rocks. In Las Vegas, that means that it can come in a variety of desert colors including:

  • Reds
  • Oranges
  • Browns
  • Buffs
  • Grays
  • and Greens
Coordinate your color scheme to create a lovely and inviting desert themed landscape. Also, think about creating trails or paths using desert shrubs, cacti and stone pathways that wind around your native plant features.

3. Adding Light Fixtures to Pathways

LED lights are so versatile and can be controlled and timed to create amazing landscaping designs. Consider adding path lights along gravel or paved driveways and walkways. You can even buy light bulbs that change colors to enhance the overall appeal of your landscaping.

Make sure to buy light fixtures that work on timers to save on energy. Some path lights can be programmed to turn on when the sun goes down and turn off when the sun comes up. Use energy efficient path lights too to further save on costs.

4. Using Stone and Pavers

Natural stone can get very hot in 100-degree weather, making it very uncomfortable to walk on. Here again, decomposed granite comes to the rescue! This cool soft rock material is cheaper than most other paving materials and is a great way to expand and embellish your grounds.

Moreover, decomposed granite unobtrusively adorns your landscaping without taking attention away from your hardscaping. An alternative to using natural stone for pavers and pathways is porcelain tiling. It is cooler and looks very natural and sleek like marble.

Either way, stone boulders, brick pavers, and gravel make excellent borders for your decomposed granite or artificial turf lawns.

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Of course there are many other options for improving your landscaping and perhaps you have some creative ideas for decorating your lawn. When you’re ready to explore your options, or would like to see a few luxury homes in Las Vegas to gain inspiration, feel free to contact our team today!

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