Retire in Style with Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate

Retire in Style with Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate

In a previous blog post, we talked about the benefits of living in Las Vegas if you’re not a fan of paying taxes. We wholeheartedly support the notion that you should keep more of the money you earn or have earned over a lifetime. Today we will leave the tax soapbox securely fastened under the keyboard, but it is there, for future reference.
Here are some highlights from that post:

• Tax-Exempt status for individual income and corporations
• Tax-free includes income from retirement accounts, passive income streams, or social security benefits
• Other sans-tax categories include groceries and prescription medications

Without going on about the absence of taxes, the benefits mentioned above all translate to extending the life of your retirement dollars.

How you Can Retire in Style with Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate

There is no shortage of style in Las Vegas. That statement is not a newsflash, of course, but we want to emphasize the multitude of living styles in Las Vegas and the surrounding villages. When considering retiring to Las Vegas, explore as many options as you can.
By living styles, we mean buying a home that suits your priorities. For example, tired of lawn maintenance? A condo in a luxury high-rise might appeal to you. Want to reclaim your scratch golfer status? We’ll find a home close to the golf course of your dreams.
Oh, and as a side note or early warning for those not yet living in Las Vegas: people will want to visit once you have your mail forwarded. One thing newly-established residents all comment on, when asked about living in Las Vegas, is the number of requests for a place to stay.
Related to the subject of visitors, one of the additions to Las Vegas luxury real estate not found in most retirement-centered areas is the casita. The “little house” allows homeowners to go about business as usual even when guests are streaming in and out. Casitas come in the form of separate, freestanding buildings, or an apartment-like section within a home.
Casitas are also a welcomed addition to those who have medical needs that require 24-hour care. Medical professionals can live close by without intruding on the lifestyle of their charge.

Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Dedicated to Retirees

One thing Las Vegas luxury real estate has a lock on is the master-planned community. Summerlin, a luxury master-planned village outside Las Vegas proper has over 100,000 residents and a theme park. Remember that when the grandkids whine that they’re bored. Summerlin + theme park = worn out kids. Naturally it didn’t take developers of master-planned communities to catch on to the appeal of Las Vegas for a particular segment of the population.
These are a few of our favorite age-appropriate sections of Las Vegas luxury real estate:
Sun City Anthem is a neighborhood within the Anthem community of Henderson. The development was constructed along the Black Mountains in the southern part of the valley. Living at an elevation gives some relief from the heat of the desert, plus the views are magnificent.
Then there are the activities offered by the community, all several hundred of them in the form of clubs, designated by interest. If you did nothing but go to the office during your working years, this is your chance to make up for lost time. Creative writing, flash mobs, meditation, and politics are all subjects covered by the clubs at Sun City Anthem.
Sun City Summerlin is across town from its Anthem counterpart. Located in Summerlin, i.e. the place with the theme park, at an elevation of 3,000 feet along the Spring Mountains, this Sun City chapter is the largest active-adult community in Nevada. Choose activities based on community groups, sink putts on one of the three golf courses or catch up with neighbors in an air-conditioned clubhouse. You can choose from 42 different home styles, ranging from luxury condos to lavish estates.
The Siena community is also under the Summerlin umbrella, but it’s on the fringe of the grid. A wall, plus two guarded entries for privacy and peace of mind protect homeowners in this area. Play golf on the course, or listen to the kid’s laughter echo in the 7,200 square foot Community Center ballroom, you have entertainment options galore within this pie slice of Las Vegas.

Are You Ready to Retire in Style?

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