Should I Move My Business to Las Vegas? Yes. Here’s Why.

Should I Move My Business to Las Vegas? Yes. Here’s Why.

If you’re thinking about relocating your business, you should consider moving it to Las Vegas. Known as the most populous city in Nevada, Las Vegas is an internationally renowned resort city popular for its gambling, shopping, entertainment and nightlife. As the leading financial and cultural center of southern Nevada, there are many great opportunities in Vegas, especially for businesses.
Situated in Clark County, surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges on all sides, Las Vegas’ subtropical climate produces sunshine year-round. The winters are short and the season is mild, offering the perfect weather for any business venture.

Still on the Fence About Moving Your Business to Las Vegas?

With close to 2,900,000 people living in Las Vegas metro area and thousands more visiting the city year, the city attracts a wealth of opportunities including the city’s effort to bring in health-related and high-tech interests. The city has made huge strides in attracting new businesses and continues to offer incentives and other benefits. Not to mention the amount of foot traffic that is unlike any other city.

The City that Never Sleeps

There’s always something going on in Vegas – day or night; Vegas is a round-the-clock city. This constant flow of activity allows businesses to thrive in a 24/7 environment.
As a small and close-knit community, connections are important and in Vegas; it seems that everybody knows everybody else. It’s networking paired with fun and excitement. Becoming a part of Las Vegas means being a part of a significant community based on similar values. Las Vegas allows for exceptional collaboration when it comes to business, and there are a wealth of opportunities to network and grow.
Each year the city grows in both population and tourism. It has become a hub for business ventures, start ups and the ultimate resource for businesses. The city is known to host conventions that can bring 100,000 people into the city for business and fun.

Las Vegas Business Taxes

Las Vegas has no corporate or individual income tax. This is a huge advantage and a main attraction to this city for many businesses. Contrary to what some think, Las Vegas has a lower cost of living compared to other business areas that focus on high tech industry such as California.
In fact, Las Vegas is ranked among the lowest in the nation for its overall tax burden. High leasing prices for commercial real estate in other areas cannot compare to the money you and your employees will save in overhead and expenses. Some business owners can even save additional expenses if your business were to sponsor or attend conventions held in Las Vegas.

Business Friendly Environment

Another reason to move your business to Las Vegas is due to the friendly business environment the city boasts. Known for its very friendly, open-door policy, Las Vegas offers a sense of ease for entrepreneurs and business professionals. The area also boasts hundreds of restaurants from a casual style to fine-dining, offering a perfect location when you need to talk business or if you need to entertain.
Las Vegas is also home to over 50 golf courses. Office meetings can be stuffy. Get out of the office and onto the course. While golf can be a leisure sport, a lot of business takes place on the green. In fact, golf is perfect for building long lasting relationships and genuine bonds. It’s a great way to reap both health and relationship rewards, not to mention the ability to reduce stress levels, unless your golf game takes a turn.

Las Vegas Tourists

For business owners, Las Vegas’ tourist economy is reason enough to move their business here. From sold-out shows to luxury designers to big stake casinos, this city really does have and attract all. Your business will also add new jobs to the economy and help you gain access to a larger market with more exposure including globally.
As a whole, Las Vegas is becoming a common playground for businesses to migrate. Large corporations over the years have continued to see the added benefits of moving their companies to a friendly and more profitable city.

Ready to Move Your Company to Las Vegas?

If you are thinking about moving to Vegas and moving your business into this great city. Make sure you contact me to help you find the perfect location for you home. With over 18 years of experience and knowledge in this local market, I can offer a high level of expertise that other agents can’t.
For more information on Las Vegas and the lifestyle of this booming area, contact me.


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