The Importance of Pools for Luxury Las Vegas Real Estate

The Importance of Pools for Luxury Las Vegas Real Estate

Pool Trends in Luxury Las Vegas Real Estate

Let’s face it: no one needs to tell you that it gets hot in Las Vegas. That is an understatement! But it is exactly why it is so important to have pools for luxury Las Vegas real estate. And boy do builders in Las Vegas’ luxury market know how to please!
We have seen some of the most outstanding pool designs and water features in Las Vegas. In fact, we represent many properties with the most elaborate pools. Pools have become a commonplace item here in Las Vegas – like a garage or walk-in closet – everyone wants one and the houses that have them are the most appealing to buyers.
Whether you’re purchasing a home or are ready to sell your Las Vegas residence, understanding the importance of pools in our market is imperative. As such, we’ve put together some of the top trends in luxury pools to help you find the home – and the pool – that best suits your needs!

Stylish Pool Designs

Fans of the ABC hit Modern Family may remember the house flip episode entitled the “Wow – Factor.” When Cam wanted to install a water feature in the backyard of the flip, he convinced Claire (temporarily) to go along because of the “wow factor.”
Today’s luxury Las Vegas real estate market is full of stylish pool designs that give you the “wow factor” that you are looking for. One of the most sleek and contemporary designs popping up all over Las Vegas are the infinity edge pools.
These stylish designer pools are often elevated to provide a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Without edges to the pool, the water blends into the background as if you are swimming on air. Still that is just part of it.
Along with stylish pool designs, the pools can be accented with fancy water features like a cascading waterfall, an ivy draped rock formation, a separate wading pool, or an attached spa.

Pool Lounge Areas

No luxury pool is complete without a full resort-style pool lounge area. Homeowners are finding creative ways to enhance their private swimming pools by building multiple lounge areas around the pool. Take for instance this home featured by Review Journal where the pool area boasts three different lounge areas on three different levels.
If you want to lay out on a sun deck and look out over the pool, you can relax up on the third floor. If you want to linger by the pool in the shade, the second level with a wet bar is where you relax.
And if you want to be close to the water, you can relax at one of the several tables and chairs along the cool designer tiles, gravel, or artificial turf surrounding the pool. A full outdoor kitchen enables you to cookout poolside. Adding an outdoor dressing room is also a trendy new feature of luxury Las Vegas real estate these days.

Playground Embellishments

Whether you have children or not, playground embellishments are great additions to your Las Vegas pool. Extravagant water slides that wrap around the house or even man-made rivers and streams that encircle the pool area are fun for all.

Salt Water Instead of Chlorine

Homeowners are also improving the types of materials that they use in and around their pools. Pools are being designed with cooler synthetic materials like porcelain tiles that still provide a luxurious look but work better for the Las Vegas climate.
Salt water is replacing chlorinated water not just in swimming pools but in the ornate water features that decorate these luxury estates. Solar heated pools and backlit LED underwater displays help to accentuate elegant pool designs.

Magnificent Light Features

Light features are helping to light up swimming pools for nighttime pool parties. However, the magnificent light features do not stop there. There are so many options for using creative lighting along outdoor pathways and around the pool and lounge areas!
One property profiled by Forbes has placed diode lighting all around the home and property so that it lights up just like the Empire State Building. The owner can change the colors in the light display, the timing, and the intensity to suit special occasions and celebrate upcoming holidays.

Learn More Luxury Las Vegas Real Estate Trends

The Importance of Pools for Luxury Las Vegas Real Estate is an absolute must have! Our team of real estate experts would be delighted to assist you in learning more about our communities and its real estate. Schedule a one-on-one with our fantastic team today!


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