26 Promontory Ridge Drive: 11 Ways to Live The Las Vegas Luxury Life

26 Promontory Ridge Drive: 11 Ways to Live The Las Vegas Luxury Life

Are you looking to live the Las Vegas luxury life? If you’re hoping to find a high-end home in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods, 26 Promontory Ridge Drive could be the place for you. This magnificent mansion in Clark County was built in 2005, so it’s a modern residential property in the growing master-planned community The Ridges. Because this stunning single-family home is the picture of traditional opulence, you’ll enjoy its classic look while experiencing its extravagant amenities.

Here are 11 ways to live the Las Vegas luxury life at 26 Promontory Ridge Drive, so you can make the most of owning a home on the western periphery of Sin City.

1. Enjoy Life in The Ridges

Enjoying life in The Ridges at 26 Promontory Ridge Drive is one way to make the most of living in Las Vegas. Because this neighborhood is considered one of the most exclusive communities in the city, you’ll become one of the few locals privileged enough to call this place home.

2. Make the Most of Your Space

Making the most of your space is a second way to live the good life in Las Vegas. This home is a whopping 12,592 square feet. Within it, you can enjoy every inch of the finished living areas, which are characteristic only of this traditional home.

3. Spend Quality Time with Family

Spending quality time with family is a third way to make life in Las Vegas truly count. Given that every formal dining, living and family room is decorated impeccably, you’ll entertain your family in the elegant living spaces throughout your home.

4. Cook Up a Storm

With an enormous kitchen filled to the brim with the best appliances on the market, you’ll create delicious meals in the midst of a large center island, shimmering granite counters and cool stone floors.

5. Enjoy Working

Working at home is a fifth way to make living in Las Vegas even more worthwhile. In one of the finest offices you’ll find in a luxury home, you’ll make progress on all of your projects while enjoying opulent millwork and adequate storage space.

6. Home Entertainment

Kicking back and relaxing in your movie theater is a sixth way to feel at home in Las Vegas. This home’s plush 12-seat movie theater is all you need to keep your friends and family entertained. You’ll be the life of the party without leaving your home.

7. Get Fit

Working out in your luxury home gym is one of 11 ways to live the Las Vegas luxury life at 26 Promontory Ridge Drive. With access to a spacious gym around the clock, you’ll be able to squeeze in a daily workout before leaving home feeling like a champion.

8. Treat Yourself

Treating yourself while you’re at home is an eighth way to cherish every moment in Las Vegas. Relax in the master suite’s massage room or one of the other 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. You’ll enjoy having secondary suites when loved ones come to visit.

9. Entertain Friends

Entertaining your friends is an ninth way to use every amenity available to you in Las Vegas. Whether you’re in the upstairs game room or out by the fire pit, you’ll have a wine cellar and bar nearby to help let the good times roll.

10. Collect Cars

Collecting cars in your garage is a tenth way to follow your passions in Las Vegas. Because you can fit 10 cars comfortably in what’s been dubbed the “Garage Mahal,” you’ll feel inspired by every car collector’s dream garage.

11. Take in the View

Taking in the view from every angle is an eleventh and final way to see the best everything a Las Vegas luxury home has to offer. With spectacular views of the Bear’s Best Golf Course,Red Rock National Conservation Area and Sin City skyline, you’ll have endless options to enjoy your days in Las Vegas.

If you’re looking for 11 ways to live the Las Vegas luxury life at 26 Promontory Ridge Drive, you’ve come to the right place. This spacious home is nestled within The Ridges, so you can enjoy everything this beautiful home and premium neighborhood have to offer their residents. Whether your aim is to be part of a master-planned community, or to appreciate the Las Vegas Valley’s natural beauty, or more, this place is the the key to unlocking a life of indulgence and comfort in southern Nevada.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about available homes in the heart of The Ridges, so please don’t hesitate to contact me and schedule a private tour today.


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