Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home in Henderson, NV

Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home in Henderson, NV

Browsing the internet when you're finally ready to buy your dream home can be fun and exciting. It can also be tempting to go it alone since it is possible to buy a house without an agent. However, when it comes to finding your perfect home, the process can be complicated and, therefore, daunting. So it’s best to rely on a real estate professional to do the heavy lifting for you.
Real Estate Agents often go beyond finding homes that fit your needs. They’re also amazing allies when guiding you through neighborhoods, securing the best deals, negotiating on your behalf, taking care of the paperwork, and making sure all the other details that come with purchasing a home are dealt with.
AT A GLANCE: Why work with a Real Estate Agent when buying a home in Henderson, NV
When it comes to looking for a home in Nevada, it’s especially important to look for an experienced Real Estate Agent who can provide you with the right services to survey the ever-changing landscape of the local real estate market. Whether you’re looking for homes in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada, working with an agent is your best bet at getting your dream home.
Before we show you the benefits of working with a Real Estate Agent, here’s why you should strongly consider moving to Henderson, NV.

Living in Henderson, Nevada

Just 20 minutes away from the bright lights of Las Vegas, Henderson is the second-largest city in all of Nevada. Over 300,000 people call this peaceful and scenic place home, with it being named one of the safest places to live in all of the country.
Being near Las Vegas makes Henderson a great place to live. To be so close to world-class entertainment and top-notch amenities while residing in a place known for laid-back living means enjoying a perfect mix of a relaxing and exciting lifestyle. It’s ideal for a growing and thriving family that wants hometown charm but also a little extravagance from time to time.
Another great thing about Henderson is its close proximity to nature. There are tons of outdoor attractions to explore. If you live an active lifestyle and prefer to be on the move, visit Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area or go cycling on River Mountain Loop Trail. If you prefer a more relaxing outdoor activity, go bird watching at Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve or feed the big cats at Lion Habitat Ranch.
There are also some fun indoor places to go to. Like Vegas, Henderson boasts world-class gambling at the M Resort Casino. The Lake Las Vegas Resort Spa is a place where you can let your hair down and rejuvenate.
Hoover Dam is also very close to Henderson. The majestic monument is the largest reservoir in America and offers gorgeous scenery and amazing views. If you’re a history buff, be sure to visit the Clark County Museum. With its emphasis on Native American culture, it offers plenty of fascinating exhibits and great insight on the history of Nevada.

Homes in Henderson, Nevada

Henderson has master-planned communities that are family-friendly and offer some of the best housing options in the state. Despite being a large city, Henderson can often feel like a quaint hometown due to the relaxed nature and tight-knit community that are the result of excellent city planning.
This city is the perfect place to raise a family. It already offers residents amazing experiences but as the city further develops and more people relocate, Henderson is bound to be one of the most desirable places to live in the US.
The great weather, friendly residents, and top-notch amenities make Henderson a real estate hotspot. The average price of homes is about $409,000, with luxury homes easily topping seven digits. While that may sound steeper than most, it’s a great investment as some property values increase by about 10% every year.
Single-family houses in Henderson are often found in exclusive, gated communities. This makes privacy and space a guarantee when buying a house here. Expect lavish parks, recreational areas, and golf courses in many of these communities.
Homes are impeccably designed with Ranch, Mediterranean or pueblo styles blending seamlessly into the gorgeous surroundings. Inside, top-notch amenities include expansive floor plans, gourmet kitchens, home theaters, walk-in closets, and spa-like bathrooms.
Henderson is definitely a city where the residents live comfortably and enjoy their environment. The wide-open spaces allow for bigger homes suitable for growing families, along with high-end finishes. Be sure to check out the hottest neighborhoods in the area, including AscayaMacDonald HighlandsAnthem, and Seven Hills.

Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent

If you want to find the best homes in the best neighborhoods in Henderson, the quickest way to do so is to work with a real estate agent. Here’s why:

1. Real estate agents save you time and money

While it’s true that you can find and purchase a house by yourself, real estate agents take that weight off your shoulders so you’re free to go about your regular business while they work on finding your dream home. As long as you openly communicate with your Real Estate Agent about your needs, wants, and budget, they’ll quickly find the best fit homes in the area and all you have to do is pick one you like best.
Agents also save you time by handling all the tedious paperwork and processes that come with buying a house. You don’t have to deal with the jargon and minutiae of the trade. Thanks to an agent's expertise, they can cut the time it takes to come up with documents, take care of logistics, and even help you with applying for a mortgage.
Hiring a buyer’s agent is also free because most of the time, the seller pays their commission. They’ll scour their networks for leads on houses that are yet to be listed. You’ll save thousands of dollars just by enlisting their services to find you your dream home. You’re also probably going to end up finding a better home.

2. Real estate agents maintain a network of allied professionals

One of the most practical benefits of having a real estate agent by your side is the access they have to connections that can get you the best deals. Real estate agents often maintain a network of allied professionals. They include fellow Real Estate Agents, lenders, home stagers, builders, contractors, movers, lawyers, and the like. Hiring an agent to help you buy your house allows you to tap into their network. All you need to do is ask your agent for recommendations.
An agent with their ear on the ground can give you first dibs on a house before it’s listed. There are also a few that are marketed privately. These are perks you wouldn’t have discovered or have access to on your own.

3. Real estate agents have access to MLS and exclusive listings

MLS or multiple listing services is a database containing information on real estate properties for sale. Only brokers and licensed agents who pay a membership fee can access these listings.
While plenty of properties are posted online, MLS has the widest and most extensive reach – allowing you to find your dream house faster. It also provides the most detailed information about properties on the market, so you can search using the specific qualities you want in a house.
Your agent may also represent exclusive properties that other buyers might not have access to.
They also have extensive knowledge on which homes have the qualities you’re looking for. In fact, in the real estate sphere, there’s something called the “Purple Room Phenomenon.” If you’re a buyer looking for a purple room, chances are your Real Estate Agent already knows a property off the top of their head that has one.
Working with a real estate agent infinitely increases your chances of finding a house that’s just right for you. If you have a big family with tons of specifications, you absolutely need an agent to find homes that your family can all feel comfortable in.

4. Real estate agents know how to negotiate a better price

Real estate agents don’t just find the best deals, they get the best deals because of their negotiation skills. This is especially important if you want to stick to your budget. With a buyer’s agent, you get the most out of your money and you might even end up with a home better than you could have imagined.
It can be stressful to do the negotiating yourself. Sellers themselves are gunning for the best deal. And they may be going through an emotional time, knowing that they’re about to let go of a home that may have witnessed plenty of personal milestones.
If the seller has an agent, it gives them the upper hand, because you’ll be facing an expert negotiator. Being represented by your own agent levels the playing field, assuring you of outcomes that are fair to both parties.
Besides being good at negotiating, an agent has fiduciary duty to get the best possible price for you, their client. If they have to negotiate their way into getting a price you’ll agree to, then they will. With the right Real Estate Agent, you can be guaranteed a great home at an awesome deal.
5. Real estate agents abide by a code of ethics
Real estate agents follow a strict set of rules that guarantee their clients utmost professionalism and undeniable safety – especially if they’re bonafide members of the National Association of REALTOR® (NAR). In fact, the term Real Estate Agent is registered with the NAR and may not be used by non-members or those who have not undergone the organization’s Code of Ethics training.
Real Estate Agents have to put their clients’ interests over their own in all cases. This means there’s full disclosure when it comes to problems with a property, and the advertising of the property must be honest and clear on listings.
If members disregard provisions of the code, they can be fined up to $5000 and suspended from practice for up to three years.

6. Real estate agents know the area and the market

One of the most crucial reasons why you’ll need a real estate agent when buying a house in Nevada is that they know the market better than anyone. Their market knowledge allows them to know whether homes are priced fairly or not, and they know a good deal in the area when they see one.
Real Estate Agents can expertly guide you so you don’t have to worry about making an offer on an overpriced home. In fact, their expertise may lead you to reconsider everything about your new home based on market trends.
For example, you might be dreaming of a home near Vegas, but only a real estate agent can tell you if it’s actually the right decision. They might ask you to consider a home in Henderson if the properties there are a better deal. This market knowledge could save you thousands of dollars.
Agents will also know if the job market is in good shape, the quality of the schools in the area, the best retail establishments, and even the best place to get a cup of coffee. Their familiarity with the area you want to buy a house in can contribute to your quality of life and spell the difference between living the life you’ve always dreamed of or facing daily inconveniences that ruin your enjoyment of your new home.
Take advantage of the fact that your real estate agent has years of experience in the area you’re moving to. Consider them your first friend in your new home.

7. Real estate agents are attuned to the complexities of buying a home

Buying a house isn’t as simple as just paying for it. There’s a ton of legal documents to get through and understand. What’s worse, a tiny error can ruin your chances of landing the home you’ve set your heart on.
With a Real Estate Agent around, you can sit back and trust that every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed when it comes to your real estate paperwork. Your agent will explain the legalese in plain English to make sure you understand the contracts as well.

The Etiquette of Working With a Real Estate Agent

When you decide to hire a buyers’ agent to help you find your dream home in Henderson, Nevada, then you have to understand the business etiquette.
Here are a few tips to make sure you and your real estate agent work well together:
Clearly communicate your home buying goals, needs, and expectations

Real Estate Agents need to know your budget and everything you want in your new home. Their job is to find you a home that you’ll love, but also manage your expectations to make sure you don’t set your goals too high.
Learn open house protocols when working with a real estate agent

Always talk to your Real Estate Agent about what to expect when you check out a home you’re interested in. You don’t want to breach protocols or put others in harm’s way.
Know that agents are mostly paid on commissions

When working with a Real Estate Agent, know that they don’t make money unless you end up buying. This means that you should be aware of the time and effort they put into finding you a house to fit your specifications. If you’re simply window shopping, it’s only fair to disclose your intentions.
Listen to your agent

You hired an agent for their expertise, so when they weigh in on a house you just toured, hear them out. They may also serve as your reality check if your expectations exceed the budget they have to work with.
Keep your appointments and show up on time

Agents usually work with multiple clients at a time, so make sure you stick to your appointments because they may not be available at a later date.
Don’t talk to the listing agent without your agent’s knowledge

Let your agent do their job – represent you. The seller’s agent is only supposed to work with the seller’s best interests in mind, so contacting them as a buyer smacks of conflict of interest.
Sign an agreement with your buying agent

As with all transactions, legal documentation is important. Signing an agreement with your agent is an absolute must before even moving forward with the home buying process.
Ask for and sign an agency disclosure

This document protects the clients when it comes to transactions with their real estate agent. It also contains the scope of work expected from the Real Estate Agent, which makes sure they’re doing their job properly.
Only sign paperwork that you understand

While your agent is there to help you understand and manage paperwork, make sure you actually know what it is you’re signing. Set meetings with your agent to discuss your paperwork before signing anything.
Be ready when it’s finally time to buy

When you hire a buying agent, make sure you’re ready to buy when they find you a home. Real Estate Agents work hard to make sure your home has everything you asked for, so respect the time they put in.
If you’re ready to buy a home in Nevada, contact Gavin Ernstone, the owner of Simply Vegas. As a seasoned veteran in the real estate scene in Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, Gavin has been known to give his clients a highly personalized home buying experience.


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